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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Algerian Legislative Elections

Algerian Legislative Elections
From 12 - 17 May 2007


The role of an Algerian deputy in Europe is mainly to be a link between every Algerian national and his/her home country, by listening to their concerns and their aspirations and transmit them to the relevant authorities.


My candidacy for the Algerian legislative elections serves to accomplish these commitments:

1. Strengthen the pride of membership to the Algerian community and defend its rights.
2. Improve the quality of services for the Algerian community (transport, transfer of Money, facilitate the administrative and consular services to the community).
3. Activate the role of the Algerian community in the development of the country through investment and partnership with the Algerian businesses.
4. Coordinate the efforts of the Algerian community groups, diplomatic, consular institutions, social and economical partners to serve the Algerian community.
5. Consider the dual nationals to be a major asset to reinforce Euro-Algerian understanding and cooperation.
6. Benefit from the Algerian scientific know-how and expertise in Europe.
7. Assure a better reception and supervision of the Algerian students in Europe.
8. Promote Algerian culture and reinforce the elements of national identity.
9. Reinforce local solidarity between the Algerians of Europe.
10. Work to rehabilitate and recognize the collective memory of the Algerians and their sacrifices.
11. Create educational, cultural and social facilities for the Algerian communities in Europe.

VOTE for H.M.S (MSP)
Competence, Dynamism and Commitment

Mob: 0044 7980 765 405

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